About Me

Working in development for over seven years, I first started in the accountancy sector before pursuing an internal position in corporate development. Getting the ‘Knack’ for it straight away, I took it upon myself to study everything about it that I could. By having such an intense passion for developing, where I discovered I had the natural ability and talent for doing so, I began to create ‘Hello World’ apps and various other websites, developing business ideas and even tutoring others. There’s a beautiful kind of artistry in problemsolving issues and discovering new prospects with the power of writing code. I pride myself on being the expert front end developer and helping others to do so.


What is Knackmods? Well, put simply, we create new features on what is essentially out of the box products from Knack. Knack is a super simple database that provides tools to structure, connect and extend your data into a powerful online database and, best of all, – no pesky coding. By taking the complexity out of building web apps that help to resolve the day to day issues businesses have with interacting with data, Knack helps to get said data to users with the right workflows at the right time. Knackmods is an extension of this, with its main area focusing on creating a better look and feel to Knacks’ problem solving online database. We are now home to hundreds of Knack users and builders, giving free code, tips and tricks to its customers, as well as developing its builder community.

Working with clients

Working with both established businesses in the corporate world, right down to the smallest of start up’s, I strive to achieve only the highest of standards to achieve the clients’ goals regardless of business size. By working together with the client, I make sure we have clearly outlined road maps and take into consideration scale, as well as the potential for any custom made products based on the client and their user end goals and outcomes.


Serving enterprises and entrepreneurs, my communication skills allow me to provide my clients with expert authority and advice to find solutions that fit their needs. As a developer with many years of experience, a strong work ethic and a passion for success, I can offer consultancy services that help with scalability, development, and product knowledge such as Knack. By using honesty and integrity to drive your business forward, you can utilise my solutions and specialist understanding of Knack and similar products on the market to your advantage.

As a full time Knack Developer I've always found Knackmods to be a tremendous resource. Knack is a no code platform, so I am very appreciative of having access to the very talented Johnny Parsons website.I have known Johnny for a few years and over that time I have found him engaging and responsive to helping me and others in the Knack community with various custom code and design challenges.


Carl Holmes

CH Project Support Limited

Johnny has helped us on multiple projects with the formatting of my company's embedded knack apps, and has always been very professional and effective!


Ian Cross

Student Loan Survivors

Johnny provided me Knack training and consulting. He is highly skilled knack consultant and has excellent programming skills to ensure an optimal integrated solution. Furthermore he is a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him


Noel Dillane


I worked with Johnny to create a research poster submission and scoring application. Johnny worked with me to design it and he made recommendations to help me achieve my goal. He asked questions to learn what I wanted and then would have me review it until I was satisfied. He also offered very helpful improvements, but he was not pushy. I would definitely use his services in the future as the need arises. I am truly grateful for the support he provided. Even though I was an overseas client, he worked with me to accommodate my schedule.


Lisa Dillon, PHD

Associate Designated Institutional Official
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Graduate Medical Education

Johnny was instrumental in redesigning our KNACK database, the broad and secured rollout and maintenance without any disruption at any point. What started internally as a simple journaling KNACK database required extensive rework, both structure, and layout. For several years now, Johnny continued to improve our KNACK experience and developed a mobile communication app (Apple and Google) connected to KNACK. Johnny’s professionalism, knowledge, and personality make it enjoyable to work with him. I am looking forward to continuing working with him in the future.


P Buyl, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


I can highly recommend Johnny as a consultant for your Knack database. Each time I've video chatted with Johnny, he's been very helpful in teaching me some of the ins and outs of Knack, while also patiently learning about the desires WE have for our knack system. Every knack database is different, so he spends the time listening to his clients and understanding their needs, their system, and helping diagnose issues and discover more efficient ways of managing data


Kevin Rogers, Director

Big Creek Missions

Jonny Parsons has changed the landscape of my Knack projects. With his code to customize user interface, i have command over the way my apps look to my users, and this brought revolution to the function and appeal of my apps. None of this was possible outside Johnny’s expertise. His going out of his way to make my dream possible is a defining virtue in Johnny’s professionalism.


Jonathan Tack

Johnny is a very well versed Knack developer. He has a generous mannerism in assisting other developers along their process, sharing his findings as well as a collaborative approach to projects which I personally found very welcoming and exceptionally beneficial. I highly recommend working with him and/or making use of his professional services in this domain. You won’t be dissapointed.


James Lamble

Director, Nine Yards Counse